It can be tough to find the right sleeping conditions in Minnesota. In the summer it's a constant struggle to keep the air conditioner cold enough so it doesn't get too stuffy. In the winter, the furnace can make it a little too hot and stuffy to get some sleep.

(Now that I am writing this, I might have to change my name to Goldilocks... I sound awful)

With that being said, fall in Minnesota is the greatest sleeping weather by far. Just crack that window open a bit and let mother nature keep it nice and cool in that bed for free! Just grab an extra blanket and let Mother Nature put you to sleep.

My wife and I are very different when it comes to sleeping habits. Last time I counted, she needed about 17 blankets on top of her to fall asleep, which is canceled out by the fan she keeps by her bed.

While I do need SOMETHING covering me up while I sleep, I prefer to sleep a little lighter with a thin fleece blanket at most. During this wonderful, sleeping-with-the-windows-open season I will maybe add one more layer.

What's your favorite season for sleep in Minnesota?

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