When it comes to :01 left on the microwave there are two types of people.

I'm the type of person who opens a microwave with :01 left on the timer; the digital alert or chime that the microwave timer has ended is usually quite loud or obnoxious, so I avoid it altogether by stopping the microwave just before the countdown ends. I'm also the type of person, however, who can't stand to see :01 left on the microwave clock; it goes against every Type A fiber of my being and is just rude to the next person to use the microwave. Whether I just used the microwave myself or am walking by one with :01 left on the countdown by someone else, I always make an effort to clear the clock for the next person.

Some aren't so thoughtful.

Curious to know what kind of people Central Minnesotans are, we took to social media to ask.

By and large, the response was the same across the board: "CLEAR IT!"

"I don't care how many seconds are there," said Tiffany Ann, "you clear it!"

Mike Gerdes, however, insisted that there's a third type of person, and apparently he's it: "I could care less either way." There's always one grouch.

There's :01 left on the microwave clock -- what do you do?

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