Minnesotans have some interesting talking habits. No one likes to be the first to say "good-bye", and we really don't know how to handle running into someone in a hall way. Here are some of our weird habits defined! 

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"Well what the...." - The trail off at the end is the key. This phrase is usually reserved for a reaction to semi-shocking news, or it can be used in the presence of a child as an alternative swear.

"Ope!" - This is the noise made when you accidentally run into someone in the hallway, or a grocery aisle at Coborns.

"Yeah, no" - This means no.

"No, yeah" - This means yes.

"You betcha" - This can be used as an alternative for "for sure" or as a way of saying "you're welcome".

"Yeah, so..." - This can usually be heard toward the end of a phone conversation, usually followed by a pause. It really means "I have nothing left to say, so please say you need to go so I can continue with my day"

"My Lanta" - This phrase is a way to avoid using God's name in vain.

"OK, mhmm, yep, thanks, bye-bye" - There is a reason it is called a Minnesota long good-bye. There are at least three extra words we need to say before we actually leave or hang up the phone.

What weird talking habits didn't we cover? Leave them in the comments below!

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