It's been a full week since Disney released its own streaming service Disney Plus.

The internet and social media, of course, have been abuzz with talk. My wife, Katie, desperately wants to get Disney Plus; I'm the buzkill that would rather not add another streaming service at home. Thanks to Verizon, though, who's offering free Disney Plus for a year to new and existing Verizon Wireless Unlimited customers (my wife's family has a plan through Verizon), Disney Plus is probably in our near future.

Curious to see what Central Minnesotans have to say, I took to the Mix 94.9 Facebook page to get their feedback.

"We canceled our Netflix for this," said Megan Truenow. "The kids both said this is way better and it is half the price."

"Just got it last night," shared Mikkie Trigg. "I've been watching it with my son all day today...right now it's Robin of my favorites!"

"Love it," said Mariah Andersen in the comment section. " [I] get to watch all my old Disney movies that I grew up with."

A couple people have noted some issues or admitted to things they wish were different.

"...if you start watching a series like the Simpson's but wanna stop and go back to it later, it doesn't save your place," says Ashley Meysembourg. "[It] doesn't mark [what episode] you're on or if you stop in the middle of an episode, it doesn't save your place."

"It lags and stuff," shares Jessica Lee, "but that's just because its wildly more popular than they expected."

I've also heard about issues with Disney Plus streaming on the Roku device, but that sounds more like an issue with Roku than Disney Plus.

Disney Plus is currently going for $6.99 a month or $12.99 with Hulu and ESPN+. Users can try a free 7-day trial with Disney Plus as well. Overall, it sounds like Disney Plus is well worth the investment and might even be worth cancelling other subscriptions for!

If you have Disney Plus, what do you think so far?

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