My wife has a funny habit -- she can walk into a store with a list of just a few things to get and come out with twice as many items, half of which weren't on the list. That's not always the case, of course, but I've found that certain stores guarantee she'll spend more than she'd intended. Target (curse you), is one of them; any well-stocked Goodwill is another.

Whether it's a tendency amongst women in general or just on an individual basis, I'm not sure. But we took to Facebook to ask our listeners which store(s) lead people to spend more than they'd intended to.

Answers were surprisingly varied:

"Without a doubt, Target," commented Erin. "Especially between the dollar section and the holiday section 😂😂."

"The Liquor Store," Mike joked (or maybe he wasn't joking. "Especially this time of year."

"Once upon a child!!" said Sherrie.

Other answers included TJ Maxx, Sams Club, Menards, Home Goods, Barnes and Nobles, Victoria's Secret, Crafts Direct, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Maurices, Bath & Body Works, Scheels, and Coborns.

If you can financially afford to overspend, good for you. If not, then check out these eight ways to stop spending money courtesy financial expert Dave Ramsey. Regarding shopping with a goal in mind, he says, "does anyone really plan on getting sidetracked while they’re out shopping for essentials? Probably not. But if you often get caught in this scenario, you might want to make a point to avoid the stores that trigger overspending."

Good advice, unless your "trigger" is the mattress and four posts at home like it is Jessica's: "Amateurs....I can spend without even leaving my bed."

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