The Twin Cities. The Big Apple. Sin City. The City of Love.

My wife and I live in Monticello, MN which we've heard affectionately called Monty a time or two. I'm originally from the Chicago area, which is often called Chi-town.

Curious to know what other towns in the listening area -- or beyond -- have nicknames, I took to Facebook to find out.

Of course, St. Cloud has had a number of nicknames over the years. "Granite City" is perhaps the most popular. "Nitty gritty granite City" earned a mention from Christine. "Cloud City" and "White Cloud" are or were apparently nicknames at one time as well.

Cokato is also known as "Cowtown" for its plethora of farms and cornfields, says Katie.

Superior is also known as "Souptown" according to Mariah.

Meghan gave Pittsburgh -- also known as the "Steel City" -- a shoutout as well.

For whatever it's worth, Wikipedia lists a bunch of other Minnesota nicknames and their supposed nicknames as well. You can see those here.

What's your town's nickname?

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