It's probably a good thing the Minnesota State Fair only lasts 12 days.

With the Great Minnesota Get-Together nearly here, Minnesotans have taken to reddit to share their Top 3 Favorite State Fair Foods. Answers are as varied -- and greasy -- as you'd expect:

"Pronto Pup 2) Shakes at Dairy Barn 3) Little donuts." - Early80sAholeGuy


"I'd have to say roasted corn on the cob, cream puffs, and pickle dogs. I try to get at least one thing I haven't tried before each year though." - bestfootforeword


"Mouth Trap [cheese curds stand] - Pronto Pup - Corn on the Cob!!" - raeker4


"Pronto pup, Sweet Martha's, and deep fried cheese curds!" - shadesofcourt


"Pickle dog. Honey sunflower ice cream. Espresso float" - I_m_a_turd


"1. Roast Corn (from the booth by the Grandstand, obviously)

2. Pork Chop on a stick

3. Either a Giant Pickle or just a cold beer from pretty much anywhere to cool off."  clcameron10


"1. Chicken in a waffle cone (Blue Barn)

2. 3-5 pronto pups

3. Pickle Dog" - kirby056


"Cheese curds, pronto pups, mini donuts." - SessileRaptor


While answers vary, it seems like Pronto Pups, cheese curds and pickles may be the overwhelming three favorite State Fair Foods. Check out the full list of answers here.

What are your top three favorite foods at the Minnesota State Fair?

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