A recent survey by Instacart found the top five Thanksgiving foods that Americans secretly (or not so secretly) hate but eat anyways.

They are:

  • Canned cranberry sauce (29%)
  • Green bean casserole (24%)
  • Sweet potatoes / sweet potato casserole (22%)
  • Pumpkin pie (21%)
  • Turkey (19%)

Personally, I still have trouble appreciating cranberries. My wife's family eats them often during nice, sit-down meals at home, and I've learned to politely add a small scoop to my plate. My wife made homemade cranberry sauce for a recent "Friends-giving," however, and I just couldn't stomach them (sorry, Katie!).

Curious to know what Thanksgiving foods our listeners struggle with, I I took to the Mix 94.9 Facebook page to ask:

Cranberries were the most common answer, followed by turkey and green bean casserole. Sweet potatoes, yams, stuffing, brussel sprouts, squash and olives all earned mentions as least favorite Thanksgiving foods as well.

According to Instacart, nearly half of Americans say canned cranberry sauce is “disgusting.” Read Instacart's full article here, and for the full results of our own unofficial survey -- and to add your own answer -- click on the Facebook post above!

What Thanksgiving food do you secretly (or not so secretly) hate?

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