When I was a Sophomore or Junior in high school (I don't recall which), my small private school was broken into overnight.

Students and teachers spent the morning confined to the gymnasium as police were called and assessed the situation. Damage was minimal; it seemed like the culprit had only broken in through the front doors, kicked in the principal's office office and taken some laptops and cash. I don't recall how things played out, but within the next day or two the police had a suspect -- our principal. Come to find out, he'd been embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars over his tenure as principal. He'd most recently raised some suspicions with school staff and so -- to redirect attention from himself -- made it look like the school had been broken into by someone else. It was ultimately a print of his boot -- which he used to kick in his own office door -- that led police to arrest him. He went to jail for -- as I recall -- a number of years. Last I'd heard, he'd somehow managed to get back into private education at a leadership level.

The latest trend on TikTok sees people sharing their own high school "big incident" stories. One popular story features a student who showed up suddenly half-way through the year, disappeared just as suddenly and ultimately turned out to be an undercover cop -- basically the real-life version of the Jonah Hill/Channing Tatum movie 21 Jump Street!

Curious to know what stories our listeners may have, we took to social media to ask. The results are juicy, dramatic and -- in some instances -- just awful.

"Within a week all of the high schools in my town had to be evacuated due to bomb threats," shares Bre. "We got out for a day because of them having to search the building completely."

"A girl was murdered in the band room," shares Linda. Duane remembers it and agrees, "Think that is one we'll never forget!!!"

"Food fight in the commons at Apollo followed by stampede of kids running through the halls," says Tina.

"Not high school, but in middle school," reflects Cyndi. "I went to a Catholic School and at a lock in, someone broke a statue of Mary... Big deal at the time. To this day, no one has ever admitted to doing it." Turns out, the guilty party may just have been one of Cyndi's friends. "Omg...I’m pretty sure it was my ball," admits Senaca. "I was too scared to admit it at that time. I totally have life long guilt for that. Someday, hopefully in the near future, I’ll make a donation to SFDS to clear my conscience."

"Our Drivers Ed instructor moved out of the country to teach at a school for all boys or all girls, I couldn't remember, shares Emily. "And when they were cleaning his computer he had images on his computer of children that they had to get a warrant for his arrest and extradite him back to the US." Gayle remembers the story as well. "I remember that incident well! He worked in our office and we had absolutely no idea!!!!"

"About two years before I started HS, the girl’s soccer team caused a HUGE ruckus over wearing t-shirts that said 'fork you', and they all got suspended," remembers Nichol. "Seems super silly that would cause a stink, but I’m really old so that would have been in the mid 80’s."

"Mercury found at EVW. Got to stay home from that s***hole an extra day or two," shares Traci.

What's your high school's "big incident?"

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