Every few weeks, we invite listeners to show off their photos with a round of "I Spy" on our Facebook page.

In our last round, we asked listeners to share a photo from their camera roll of someplace not in Minnesota.

We were flooded with photos of locations all over the world including Mexico, Ireland, Vietnam, Vegas, Disney World, Alaska and more. This week, we asked listeners to share a photo from their camera roll of something they made or fixed recently.

Here are the photos listeners shared with us:

"My husband just finished the pergola for the hot tub! Hand made." - Amy Carter

"I actually just finished knitting this hat." - Nichol Davis Wojcik

"We made this for our cats 🐈 🐱 they love to be outside and will jump and running out whenever we opened the door! So we hoped this would help solve our problem. It does for the most part. They love running in and out all the time now." - Sara Storkamp 

"Made this fried ice cream for mom on mother's day." - Lisa Pappenfus

"I made this flower arrangement! 😊" - Ana Salgado 

"Fixed the trailer." - Christopher Gonzales 

Bonita Dworshak

Sandy Sterner

Heidi Ortiz

Sherrie Lahr

Sarah Anne Young

Tammy Malikowski

K Allison Hand

What's something you've made or fixed recently? Share a photo of it at the Facebook post above!

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