Minnesotans take a lot of pride in their state.

I'm originally from northwest Illinois where the attitude is "Welcome to Illinois, where it's flat and boring." For those who are sports fans, there's some local pride in the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears and some of our other teams, sure. Speaking of Chicago, you can't visit the Windy City without getting a photo at the Bean sculpture. Politically, Abraham Lincoln came out of Illinois as did Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Chance the Rapper, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams and Walt Disney are also all Illinois natives. Some neat people and things have come out of Illinois, but overall there's not a strong sense of local pride. Not like Minnesota, anyways.

I've lived in Minnesota for five years now, and I'm still amazed at the sense of pride Minnesotans have -- we wear our favorite sports teams out and about proudly. We wear hats with the shape of Minnesota printed on the front and tee shirts with cute Minnesota slogans across the front. We drink out of mugs with loons on them and put together puzzles with famous Minnesota landmarks. From work to the store, a restaurant to church I can't go anywhere without seeing some clear indication and reflection of Minnesota pride. Which is why I'm so shocked to learn that our favorite Minnesota-shaped product is...a pitcher.


Coupon delivery website Simply Codes just revealed its findings of each state's most popular state-shaped item. Weighing Google Shopping trends, Google search trends, internal data from Knoji, Dealspotr, and SimplyCodes as well as product availability, Coupon Codes collected the data to determine the unique state-shaped product each state is oddly obsessed with. They do clarify that they eliminated boring, common items like fridge magnets, cutting boards, and cookie cutters which otherwise would have dominated the list. Those out of the picture, common state-shaped items included things like bath bombs (Idaho), keychains (Hawaii), ice cube trays (Kentucky), oven mitts (Michigan), necklaces (Nevada), mirrors (Oregon) and more. Minnesota's most popular state-shaped item according to Simply Codes? Water pitchers.

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"People from Minnesota are notoriously nice and so is this pitcher from Sotapitcher. It says so right there at the bottom."


The pitcher Simply Codes is referring to is actually a MN-shaped mug from Redwing Stoneware & Pottery. Branded as a "one-of-a-kind drinkware shaped like the State of Minnesota," these 16-oz mugs can be used to drink beer or coffee out of, pour gravy or syrup from or hold something as a home decoration. Notably, I've never seen one of these or even heard of the brand before, which is why I'd contest that it's Minnesota's most popular state-shaped item.

Then again, Simply Codes also claims that Texas' favorite state-shaped item is a 25lb fruit cake, so take anything they say with a grain (or shaker's worth) of salt.

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