Yes, St. Cloud earned a (dis)honorable mention.

The idea of building a wall on any side of Minnesota is a preposterous one. It's completely unnecessary. That didn't stop one Minnesotan from posing the idea on reddit, however, and asking which side of Minnesota it should be:

"If Minnesota got the funding to build 1 wall, should it be on the border with Wisconsin or Canada?" asked reddit user u/erin_burr. Why those two sides and the Dakotas and Iowa are exempt is beyond me, but that's the question posed.

"Iowa, only good thing that ever came outta there is I-35." - tcloudjeeper

"Around St. Cloud." - Dr_Murderfish

"The dakotas" - kenzmckenz

"If you put up a wall, it's harder to go to Wisconsin to buy New Glarus." - milkmandanimal

"Since you can apparently divert already appointed funds to build a wall let's divert funds to build a wall to something more useful like roads and bridges or rural broadband." - wogggieee

If you took offense at the St. Cloud job, you may appreciate the following discussion that ensued:


Fortunately, there don't seem to be any valid plans -- or available finances -- to build a wall on any side of Minnesota, and we may all continue crossing over to Wisconsin to get our New Glarus beer.

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