Minnesota Vikings fans are desperate for something to take pride in, but this probably isn't it.

Over the weekend, former Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was arrested and booked for felony domestic violence. According to an initial report from TMZ, airport police at LAX received a call around 8:30 Sunday morning about a disturbance on an aircraft about to depart LAX for Houston. The plane returned to the gate where Peterson was taken into custody. A rep for Peterson and his wife Ashley told TMZ that the couple had a "verbal argument" that was nothing more than a "private misunderstanding between husband and wife." ESPN, meanwhile, cites a source who said Peterson "grabbed [Ashley's] wedding ring and scratched her finger." Peterson was released from custody Sunday afternoon on $50,000 bail.

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A website called NFLArrest.com reveals some statistics that Minnesotans would finally be proud to call themselves Vikings fans over, if only it wasn't for all the wrong reasons. Logging data since January 1, 2000, NFLArrest.com is "an interactive visual database of National Football League player Arrests & Charges." According to the website, "the accused is an active NFL player at the time of arrest or after that date." For better or for worse, the Minnesota Vikings lead the way, though not by much.


Covering 14 categories of arrestable crimes considered more serious than a traffic violation -- including DUI, Drugs, Domestic Abuse, Assault/Battery, License/Traffic, Gun, Disorderly Conduct, Alcohol, Resisting, Theft/Burglary, Sex, Murder/Manslaughter, Animal Abuse and Other -- the Minnesota Vikings lead the way with 55 player incidents as of February 13, 2022. The Denver Broncos follow just behind with 54 player incidents.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is the most common crime by Minnesota Vikings players, making up 34.5% of reported incidents. Here's the full breakdown per NFLArrest.com:

DUI -- 34.5%
Other -- 16.4%
Assault -- 12.7%
Domestic Violence -- 7.3%
Drugs -- 7.3%
Disorderly Conduct, Sex -- 7.3%
Disorderly Conduct -- 5.5%
DUI, Gun -- 1.8%
Domestic Assault -- 1.8%
Trespassing -- 1.8%
Child Abuse -- 1.8%
DUI, Drugs -- 1.8%


The last reported incident to involve a Minnesota Vikings player was in August 2021. According to Pioneer Press, Viking's cornerback Jeff Gladney's former girlfriend filed a civil lawsuit against Gladney seeking $1 million in damages after he reportedly beat her for more than two hours and then bribed her to keep silent with a $1,000 necklace from Tiffany’s and a gift certificate to a spa. He was released from the Vikings team following the incident.

All that to say, if ever there was a list that Minnesotans didn't want to find themselves at the top of, it's probably this one. For a full report including top crimes, top offending players, and top positions click here.

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