As most of you have probably heard by now I spent the past week in beautiful San Diego, California visiting family.

This is the third year in a row my sister and I flew out to see our cousins -- and let me tell you every visit is a success.

We try and see something new when we are there which is mostly what keeps us coming back. So this year we decided to hit a few main things -- Whale Watching, Disneyland and California Adventure Land.

So let's begin the tour shall we?

My third day there my sister Katie, cousin Lindsay and I got on a boat for a three hour tour to go whale watching. I have never seen a whale up close but I thought it would be cool -- and it was!!

We saw four Grey Whales that day all withing 100 yards of our boat! Now these whales didn't come close to the boat but enough where you could see them go up for air and then stick their tail out of the water to dive back down in the Pacific Ocean (Pictures below).

Needless to say if you are heading that way and can spare the time, it's worth it!

That weekend we decided to spend a two day visit hitting up Disneyland and California Adventure (two separate parks but right next to each other).

Saturday was spent at the happiest place on earth and I can honestly say I was 5 years old again.

Now I know places like that can have a lot of waiting lines, and while we had our fair share each line moved pretty quickly.

Some of our favorites that day was the Spinning Tea Cups, Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain and my personal favorite Marvel's innovations. Why you ask? Cause I got to meet Captain America, Thor and see the Iron Man suits in person!!! (Pictures below)

Finally to wrap up the weekend we spent the day at California Adventure Land where Katie and Lindsay got birthday buttons and were princesses for the day.

Believe it or not but we saw more Disney characters there (Like Buzz, Sully, and Olaf) then in Disneyland.

This was Katie's favorite park because as I mentioned not only was she a princess for a day but she got to go on her favorite ride Hotel Tower of Terror -- NO THANK YOU!

All in all the week was perfect! Great sunny weather, a few exciting attractions and of course catching up with family that I don't get to see very often.

So if you are looking for a vacation get away keep San Diego in the back of your mind.

Scroll down to see photos from my trip!

Whale taking a dive (Photo: Swy)
Grey Whale tail (Photo: Swy)
Night at California Adventure (Photo: Swy)
California Screamin Roller Coaster (Photo: Swy)
At Radiator Springs (Photo: Swy)
Captain America (Photo: Swy)
Me and Thor (Photo: Swy)
Travis, Katie, Lindsay and Me in front of Disneyland (Photo: Swy)