I first learned about Zach Sobiech late last year and his song 'Clouds' is inspiring people all over the globe. He's a brave 18 year old from Stillwater, MN who's battling osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, he was first diagnosed with a short four years ago at the age of 14.  He wanted to find a way to say goodbye to family and friends, so he picked up a guitar and did it  through his music.  The video for 'Clouds' has amassed over 2 million views and now celebrities are paying tribute to the young man who doesn't have long to live. Last May, doctors gave the teenager a grim prognosis: he had up to a year to live. "We're approaching that year mark," Zach told People Magazine in March. "It's scary to think about, but the key is to not feel bad for yourself."

Zach's story and unbelievable courage pulls close to my heart strings.  Last year around this time, my wife Tracy, was diagnosed with cancer and its been a long road to recovery, complete with twists and turns in every direction.  I can't imagine the strength it takes to face this nasty disease and to do it with such spirit and determination.  He's a selfless person in every sense of the word and I'm proud that he's from right here in Minnesota.

Zach is using his remaining time to help others suffering from osteosarcoma and has teamed up with the 'Children's Cancer Research Fund.'  To learn more about Zach and to download the song 'Clouds', Click Here.