I've been following Zach Sobiech's story for the last several years.  He was first diagnosed with osteosarcoma (a form of bone cancer which mostly strikes children) at the age of 14. Zach is an inspiration to millions of people around the world and left a lasting impression on those that he came in contact with.  He poured his heart and soul into an amazing song called 'Clouds,' which went on to top the iTunes singles chart along with the E.P. 'Fix Me Up' by his group, 'A Firm Handshake.'  This simple 18-year-old from Stillwater, Minnesota's story continues to be told, and to date, the videos for both 'Clouds' and 'My Last Days' have been viewed a combined 22 million times on YouTube.

His mother, Laura (who found the lyrics to 'Clouds' in his bedroom) encouraged Zach to leave letters for those he loved before he died.  He chose instead, to say goodbye through his music.  We were joined by Laura Sobiech this morning (4/30) on the Get Up & Go Show to chat about her new book 'Fly a Little Higher.'

Here's a clip from the interview

You can join Laura and the rest of the Sobiech family this Sunday, May 4th at the Mall of America - Rotunda at 1 pm for a special book signing, performance of 'Clouds' and videos commemorating Zach's life.  Laura's book will be available nationwide on Tuesday, May 6th.  For more information visit her website.

Heather Adams