Who doesn't love a good game of Jeopardy? Apparently us Minnesotans really love it. We've seen more than one Minnesotan appear on the show. But today we are talking about Sam Kavanaugh.

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Sam Kavanaugh from Carlton Minnesota, had a great stint on Jeopardy back in 2019, taking home over $150,000! That's amazing Sam!

The Jeopardy Tournament of Champions started yesterday, and Sam is there competing for the big prize. As it stands right now, after day one, he's in the lead with $38,000. His competitors Veronica from Portland, Oregon has $6400, and Jennifer from Dowagiac, Michigan has $14,500.

The quarterfinals for this event began earlier this month. Kavanaugh pulled ahead in Final Jeopardy and secured his spot in the semi-finals, and took home approximately $22,000. Not bad for a days work.

There was another Minnesotan competing for this tournament as well. Nibir Sarma who is a college student from Eden Prairie at The University of Minnesota, made it to the semi-finals as a wildcard, but ended up taking 3rd in Wednesday's show.

You can watch Jeopardy Monday through Fridays on NBC at 4:30 pm here in our area.

Things obviously aren't the same since losing host Alex Trebek last November; but we all know that he would want us to carry on the tradition that he build over many many years of hosting the show.

The host for this event is Buzzy Cohen. Regular Jeopardy viewers know Buzzy, as Buzzy was a big winner himself. He is a nine game winner and also a former Tournament of Champions winner!

We wish the best of luck to Sam!

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