Oreo Cookies are looking to their fans for the newest crazy flavor. You can tweet your creations at them using the hashtag #MyOreoCreation and #Contest and the winner will walk away with $500K and their Oreos will be produced!

Minnesotans have interesting taste buds and there are things that are staples in our diets that you can't get anywhere else. Here are my Minnesota Oreo creations!

Jello Salad - This is at every single picnic and party. It could easily be made into an Oreo filling!

Cheese Curd - This would be a savory creation. More of a cheese and cracker combo!

Apple Crisp - I basically live on apple crisp once September rolls around, might as well make it a cookie!

Sweet Martha's Cookie Oreos - These would be served in a gallon bucket, State Fair Style.

Pop - Different soda flavored Oreo creams like root beer, grape, orange ect. This one would be a variety pack, kinda like Bottle Caps candy!

10,000 Lakes - Just add blue coloring to Oreo cream. And try not to eat 10,000 of them!

State Fair - An Oreo on a stick.

What are your Minnesota Oreo flavor ideas? Share them in the comments!


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