Happy National Oreo Day! March 6th marks the 106th birthday of milk's favorite cookie. Over the past few years the cookies have found new life in some crazy flavors. Peeps Oreo's, apple pie, Firecracker ones that explode in your mouth, cinnamon red hot flavored, they are always making something new! If they were to make Minnesota specific flavors, this is what I would imagine them to be!


Sweet Martha's Suffed - Basically a Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookie jammed between Oreo cookies.

Lefse Oreo Cookies - Lefse is soft, paper thin bread that you can eat in a variety of ways. The best way is to sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. I think it would make a grea cookie!

State Fair Oreo Pack - Multiple flavors in one! Cotton candy, snow cones, and popcorn!

Tater Tot Hotdish - More cracker than cookie. Who says there can't be savory Oreo's?

Pine Tree Scented - Not for eating. But when left open on the counter makes your home smell like the cabin.

So the last two are a bit of a stretch, but the first three I could totally see being made. I know I would try them!


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