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Earlier this spring when the coronavirus outbreak locked everything down, many of us were sent to work from home. But as it turns out, Minnesota is one of the top states where we actually LIKE it.

That's the word from a new online survey that says Minnesota ranks as one of the top ten states in the country where we actually LIKE working from home. Sure, it's a little distracting to have your new co-workers on your lap or walk across your computer keyboard (like our cats, Huck, Finn and Hazel like to do), and yeah, you don't get out of the house much, but overall-- at least compared to other states-- those of us in the Land of 10,000 Lakes kinda like the whole working from home thing. According to this new survey by the gang over at Fitbug looked at geotagged Twitter data in the last month, and tracked positive Tweets about working from home. For example, Tweets with phrases such as "I love working from home" or "I enjoy working from home," etc all counted. Overall, the crew looked at over 200,000 online messages on Twitter.

And, the results show that Minnesota ranked as the 7th state that likes working from home. Kansas came in at number one and only Utah, Kentucky, Washington, Virginia and Oregon rank higher than we do.

As the study noted, this comes as several companies (like Facebook, Shopify and Twitter) have announced a permanent shift to working-at-home for some of their employees. And, a large scale shift to stay working from home has been talked about as one of the prominent long term effects of COVID-19 on society.

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