A Twin Cities man has been mauled by a Grizzly at Glacier National Park in Montana- Park officials say the man was hiking alone on Friday afternoon when he encountered a mother Grizzly and her cub- the animal attacked and bit his arm, leg and foot and then shook him before leaving.

Despite the wounds, the man walked until encountering a ranger station.  The 50 year old hiker had bear spray, but was unable to get to it, before the attack. A Montana TV station reports that he was treated and then released from a Montana hospital late on Friday. His name has not yet been released.

Park officials say cases of Grizzly or Black Bears injuring people at Glacier occur less than once a year.

Although Grizzlies are not found in MN, an abundance of Black Bears are... The North American Bear Center in Northern MN has pages devoted to Myths and Misconceptions about bears, as well as tips on bear interactions with humans. You can also view live web cams of one of the most popular Black Bear clans in the nation: Lily and Hope - and Lucky and Ted.

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The video below shows Lucky eating some raspberries near a pond on Thursday afternoon.