UNDATED -- You only have one more weekend to keep your fish house on Minnesota lakes.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says it's time to start thinking about a plan to remove it ahead of March 7th. That's the deadline for fish house removal in the southern two-thirds of Minnesota.

The southern portion of the state's inland waters runs from a line at Highway 10 on the west end of the state over to highway 34 to Highway 200 to Highway 2 on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.

The deadline north of that line is no later than midnight on March, 21st.

Remember it is against the law to leave any garbage, debris, or pieces of your fish house on the ice.

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Shelters not removed by the deadline can be confiscated by the DNR or destroyed and the owners prosecuted.

After the removal date, shelters can be on the ice between midnight and one hour before sunrise but only when occupied. The DNR reminds fish house owners that you are not allowed to store a fish house at a public landing.

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