With Fall on the way, watch for a spike in animal-related accidents.

Farmers Insurance has compiled a list of the 15 states most likely to see animal-related auto accidents this Fall. Deer, specifically, are one of the most common causes of auto accidents.

Minnesota, according to Farmers Insurance, ranks 6th most likely state to hit a deer.

Farmers Insurance

The top 15 states where drivers are most likely to hit a deer are:

1. West Virginia
2. Iowa
3. Montana
4. Wisconsin
5. Pennsylvania
6. Minnesota
7. Michigan
8. Wyoming
9. Ohio
10. Arkansas
11. New Jersey
12. South Dakota
13. Missouri
14. Virginia
15. Idaho

Jim Taylor, head of claims customer experience for Farmers Insurance, offers advice for drivers who may face potential collisions with deer or other animals: "...do your best to stay the course. It may sound counterintuitive but staying the course may be safer for you and other vehicles on the road than swerving at high speeds in an attempt to avoid the animal."

Farmers Insurance also suggests drivers consider comprehensive insurance coverage which covers damage to a vehicle not cause by a collision (ie. animals of various various shapes and sizes).

Speaking personally, I'm surprised not to see my home state Illinois on the list. My family grew up in the farm country of northern IL; my parents still live in a small subdivision out in the country surrounded by cornfields. Deer are plenty there, as evidenced by the unlucky string of accidents -- and repair bills -- my dad suffered over the span of just a couple years.

I saw many more deer in Illinois growing up than I think I'm yet to see in Minnesota. Perhaps they're further north and not as common in Central Minnesota.

Read the full report from Farmers Insurance here.