Over the weekend, Duluth, MN was recognized in CBS's cover story as a city of resurgence.

If you happened to turn on CBS Sunday morning, you may have seen some familiar Minnesota scenes. That's because Duluth was featured in a segment called "Taking Flight" -- small town America in renewal.

A billboard in Duluth 10-20 years ago read, "Will the last one leaving Duluth turn out the light?" At the time, it reflected a mentality of death and decay to the port city. Laura Mullen -- in an interview with CBS -- said it was a very real mentality, "I have to create my own job if I'm coming back up here." She did move back, going on to co-found Bent Paddle Brewing, one of Minnesota's largest and most-recognized craft beer companies.

Watch the CBS segment for yourself to see how Bent Paddle Brewing turned one of Minnesota's dying cities into a thriving one.

I recently had a conversation with a woman originally from St. Cloud. "It's changed a lot since I was a kid," she told me. "For the better or worse?" I asked her. "For the worse."

I've only been in the area for about nine months now, but I -- for one -- am rooting for St. Cloud. Trendy businesses like Beaver Island Brewing and Spice of Life Tea Shop -- areas of business that are thriving in other major cities around and outside of Minnesota -- are what's going to make St. Cloud succeed, grow and trend in its own right.