Melissa McCarthy is one of my favorite actresses. She seems so funny and down to earth! But is she acting like a diva having an extra fired from the set of her new movie? I don't think so! Wait until you find out why she fired her.

Melissa fired an extra from the set of her new movie, "Tammy", because the woman was mistreating her own daughter.

The film crew, which includes Melissa's hubby Ben Falcone (the air marshal from "Bridesmaids"), were out shooting at a lake with a bunch of extras. The woman who was fired started yelling loudly at her young daughter all day to be quiet, settle down, and then grabbed her by her wrist pretty hard. Melissa saw this happen and does not want to tolerate abuse on her set, so she had the woman fired.

Did Melissa go to far? Some might think so. The child was only four or five years old . If you have a child at that age or remember when your kids were younger, I'm sure it was hard to get them to act appropriate in public. Not taking sides because I was not there, but if she got fired over it, she mush have pulled beyond the 'stop embarrassing me' tug.

On to a funnier side note: Here is Melissa and her hubby in Bridesmaids

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