Megan Fox has been taking some heat lately. They are claiming the 25 year-old actress has gotten Botox.

I personally find Megan to be a beautiful woman. She has great facial features, but sometimes its her attitude that makes me not like her as an actress.

After Shia LaBeouf made comments about the two hooking up on the set of the Transformer movies while she was on and off again with her now husband Brian Austin Green. She's been under a lot of stress and may need Botox in the future from all the worry lines. But she claims to have never had Botox.

Taking to her FACEBOOK page, Megan posted four photos to prove her face is "natural." Titling it "THINGS YOU CAN'T DO WITH YOUR FACE WHEN YOU HAVE BOTOX."




Megan Face 2

Does this really prove that she hasn't had any alterations to her face via Botox? I really don't care if anyone alters their face with Botox or elective surgeries. I am a firm believer in to each their own!


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