The photos capture Minnesota, their natural habitat.

My wife sent me a link the other day to a series of hilarious photos that reveal what Minnesota Zoo staff do in their spare time.

The photos -- originally shared August 2017 to a Facebook page simply named "Photography" -- show zoo staff imitating animals with uncanny accuracy. In one, a woman lounges casually across a long tree branch much like the comparison photo of a primate doing the same.

In another, two staff members mimic horses eating hay.

In yet another, a seal trainer pretending to be a seal gets her belly rubbed by another staff member.

To see the full slideshow of ridiculous photos, click here.

The Minnesota Zoo has been open for over 40 years in Apple Valley. In that time it's been home to more than 4,990 animals and 533 species and has been responsible for the conservation of a number of local and international endangered species including moose, butterflies, bison, tigers, horses, rhinos and dogs. Read more quick facts about the Minnesota Zoo here. For a real look at what goes on at the Minnesota Zoo including overnights, guided tours, backstage passes and more visit

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