Attention, Maroon 5 fans! PopCrush is presenting the exclusive premiere of the Sound of Arrows Remix of the group’s smash hit ‘Payphone’! Read on for the details.

‘Payphone,’ featuring Wiz Khalifa, currently occupies the No. 2 spot on the singles chart. The Sound of Arrows Remix opens with swirling synth flourishes and large instrumental chunks, occasionally accented by Adam Levine‘s distant voice singing, “Don’t hang up / Baby, I’m begging you, please don’t go.”

Portions of the song’s hook and Khalifa’s guest verse appear as the song progresses, but the focus remains on the atmospheric electronic effects that add a dance element to the mid-tempo track, which is part of the group’s upcoming ‘Overexposed’ album. The arrangement is fun and vibrant, despite its subject matter of a crumbling relationship.

Also, be sure to pre-order ‘Overexposed’ on iTunes, and download ‘Payphone’ before the new album drops!

Listen to Maroon 5, ‘Payphone (The Sound of Arrows Remix)’

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