In case you weren't aware - we have a three day weekend approaching.  This Monday is Memorial Day, which means you probably don't work.  That also means that you are free to go out and have some fun on Sunday night!

What I'm getting to (albeit in a roundabout kind of way) is that this Sunday night at The Benton Station in Sauk Rapids, MIX 94.9 will be there all night and morning long with SWEET SIREN.

If you like the music you hear on MIX 94.9 - then you will absolutely love SWEET SIREN!

Don't forget, there is always great drink specials at The Benton Station - and a fantastic menu, as well.  They have live music four nights a week, and Sunday is always "Ladies Night".

No cover - all weekend long at The Benton Station in Sauk Rapids - come celebrate Memorial Day with us!