Last night I was invited to a taping of a radio play called "2 Days in St. Cloud". It was about a local family that’s a little ‘North of normal',

As the snow comes down, seven members of this family gather for an event that’s part family reunion, part intervention, and a complete disaster. Sex in the sauna, drinking and shouting, sarcasm, hallucinogenic mushroom trips- this fast-paced irreverent show has it all!


This totally new play was fantastically written, it had me asking questions, laughing, and wondering what would happen next. The script was expertly written in a way that made it sound exactly like a conversation you'd hear anywhere across Central Minnesota, and the local location tie-ins made it easy to visualize settings. The way they gave driving directions to Duluth from Alexandria was a line that will stick with me forever!

Last night's performance was only Act 1, so I have no idea how the story ends! But judging by the first half of it, the second will be full of surprises, and belly laughs.

If you want to see '2 Days in St. Cloud' for yourself, it will be performed at the Helgeson Learning Lab Theater November 9th - 11th. (710 Sundial Dr, Wiate Park, Mn 56387). I can't wait to see how this one ends!

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