A capuchin monkey was stolen from a car in a grocery store parking lot in Maplewood on Tuesday night. Facebook user "Safty Penz" posted a plea for help finding the monkey on Tuesday.

NOW YOU GUYS KNOW THERES ONLY ONE CAPUCHIN MONKEY THAT VISITS MINNESOTA RIGHT NOW!! & that’s COCO! She was just STOLEN out of her friends car at the grocery store! IF YOU SEE ANYBODY WITH A MONKEY PLEASE CONTACT ME /or Zaurice Steward because she was just KIDNAPPED!! Facebook community we need your help! PLEASE GOD LET COCO GET HOME SAFE !
Stolen from cub foods in Maplewood
Cash reward for the one that can return her to her mother!!! 612-475-3302
Monkeys are, in fact, illegal to own in Minnesota according to Statute 346.155. In fact, there is actually a long list of prohibited animals.

(1) all members of the Felidae family including, but not limited to, lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, cheetahs, ocelots, and servals, but not including domestic cats or cats recognized as a domestic breed, registered as a domestic breed, and shown as a domestic breed by a national or international multibreed cat registry association;

(2) bears; and

(3) all nonhuman primates, including, but not limited to, lemurs, monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, marmosets, lorises, and tamarins.

Comments on the Facebook post seem to be 50/50, with some people just worried about the monkey's well being and others upset that it was left in a car... or even owned in the first place.


Leaving a wild animal in a vehicle in winter, is where you went wrong in the first place. Also there are laws against having wild animals in communities. I hope she’s found, but also that she gets the care she deserves not what everyone else that has absolutely no background in wild animals thinks.




I live in Minnesota… Leaving a monkey in a car in Minnesota that time of year is ridiculous and selfish. “Cocos” mother is in South America at least hopefully she is and she isn’t living in a little cage pumping out babies for selfish people who want a monkey. I completely understand wanting to have a monkey but I will never understand people actually going through the selfish act of owning one. There’s a reason why these monkeys live where they do. They thrive there they are happy there they are free there. Who do these people think they are “owning“ another being that is most likely more intelligent than they are. Yes I hope she is on her way back to see her mother in South America. 💗 🙏🏻 prayers for you sweet little monkey


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