ST. CLOUD -- A man with arrest warrants in Nevada and Delaware is now facing charges in Stearns County.

According to the charges, 54-year-old Richard Kinney Jr. threatened another man with a knife and damaged his motorcycle.

St. Cloud Police were called to an apartment unit Saturday evening. The victim said a man he knew as "Red" was invited into the apartment. When Kinney was asked to leave, the victim said he became upset about some property he believed the victim had.

The victim ultimately called 911.

Court records show while the victim was on the phone, Kinney slapped it out of his hand, grabbed a large 12-15-inch Bowie knife, held it at his side and threatened to kill the victim. Kinney eventually left with the knife.

The victim noticed his motorcycle had been moved from its parking spot and was found tipped over in the middle of the street.

Police recovered the knife outside and a witness reported seeing Kinney run past the location where the knife was found.

Kinney is charged with felony 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, felony threats of violence, gross misdemeanor interrupt a 911 call and misdemeanor property damage.

According to Stearns County Jail records, Kinney has a felony arrest warrant in Delaware and one in Nevada.

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