"What band or artist do you think is overrated?"

It's a decade's-old question, and one that regularly comes up over social media or online chat forums or dinner parties or just about any other occasion.

In fact, just last week my friend Joe -- who's a radio DJ himself in Kansas City -- posed the question on his personal Facebook page. His post received 110 comments and disses to notable acts including Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, The Beatles, the Dave Matthews Band (multiple times), Pearl Jam, U2, Rolling Stones and a whole lot more.

Curious to know what our own listeners might say, we posed the same question on Mix 94.9's Facebook page last week.

Answers were, naturally, quite diverse and full of conviction:

"U2," said Anne. "Good but sooo overrated."

"Would take the worst U2 song over anything ever by Katy Perry or Taylor Swift ever," insisted Craig. "The only reason they were ever popular is because teenage girls tell their friends to listen to it.

"Foo Fighters - sorry!" said Jesse.

"Hanson," was Maria's answer.

"Panic At the Disco," said Morgen. "Sorry but I think they're trying too hard."

Other bands and artists to earn mentions include Metallica, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Pretty Reckless, Coldplay, Spin Doctors, Rush and -- of course -- Nickelback.

What band or artist do you think is overrated? Click on the Facebook post above to join the conversation and add your answer!

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