The Mall of America in Bloomington always has something new and exciting being added on or coming into the building. Just this morning they announced that come summer 2018, a Sugar Factory location will be calling Minnesota home! If you have ever been on vacation in any major city, chances are good you have walked past or into one of these candy stores. I have been to the Las Vegas location and was blown away by the options! You can even get married at the one in Vegas!


Sugar Factory locations are also well known for their celebrity sightings. The Backstreet Boys, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Katy Perry, Pharrell, and a whole lot more are all known to make appearances at them. I can't wait to see who makes appearances at the MOA location!

Backstreet Boys at Sugar Factory American Brassiere in Chicago River North
Jeff Schear/ Getty Images
Global Icon Mariah Carey Announces Mariah Carey Christmas Factory During The Grand Opening Of Sugar Factory American Brasserie In Seattle
Mat Hayward/Getty Images

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