I hope she's still got "it".

Because if she doesn't - the entire world will be there to witness it.  I'm referring to Madonna performing "live" at the halftime show, on Super Bowl Sunday.

Honestly, I am a little bit scared.  Let me explain.

I am, and have always been, a big Madonna fan.  There has never been anyone like her, and when she first busted onto the music scene in the early 80's, it was very apparent that she was going to be a huge star.

She could sing like an angel, but she certainly had an enticing naughty side to her, as well.  She was drop dead gorgeous, and a world class dancer.  We would soon learn that she was a respectable actress, as well.

But that was many, many moons ago.  She is 53 years old now.  Simply put, I'm a little bit concerned that she may embarrass herself.  Let's be honest - Madonna hasn't produced anything that was any good, since the "Bedtime Stories" album came out, and that was in 1994.  Her last tour that was any good, was the "Blonde Ambition Tour", and THAT was in 1990!

Hopefully, she will just come out and sing us a nice medley of Madonna classics, that we are all familiar with.  But it's Madonna, so you never know.

I really hope it goes well for her on Super Bowl Sunday, but either way, there are still plenty of us that will always envision her in that white wedding dress from the "Like A Virgin" video.

MTV actually played music videos back then, believe it or not.

Lots of Madonna videos, too!