It's that time again!  Our children are heading back to school.  Chris from the Rocori School District shared this email with us:

Good morning Chad & Kelly.

This is Chris from Farmers Insurance of Coldspring. I'm your favorite new edition Mix music lover! I just wanted to send you a quick email letting you know we are doing a school supply drive for the Rocori school district, and are in need of more school supplies.  At the top of our list are kleenex tissue, glue sticks, and boxes of crayons. If anyone can assist, our drop sights are: Farmers Insurance, Jimmy's Pizza, and Precision Collision, all located in Coldspring. If there's any chance you can get the word out for us that would be awesome.I hope you're doing well!



If you or anyone you know can help provide supplies for this school supply drive, please drop off materials at the locations mentioned above in Chris's email...and thanks again for being a part of our great Mix listener community.

If you have an upcoming event that you'd like to spread the word about, please send Chad or myself an email, with your event name, location and details...We will do our very best to share your information with our generous Mix family.  Chad and I can be reached at:  or  When we all work together, we create a better place for everyone.