CLEARWATER -- A well-known park in Clearwater is getting a face lift this spring.

Lion's Park and Pavilion is getting a few upgrades. City Administrator Kevin Kress says the city will be doing some building updates to the park's pavilion.

"Right now we're focusing on just one section of the building. So we are replacing both doors, we're removing the old garage doors, we're putting in windows, new sheetrock and new lights."

Lion's Park will also be getting some new sporting equipment.

"Pretty soon here we'll be putting down the versacourt, the tennis court area, it's got pickleball lines on it as well."

All of the updates are expected to be completed by mid-May. Kress says the city does have more plans for Lion's Park moving into next year including adding more benches, a warming house, outdoor bathrooms and moving the ice skating rink closer to the pavilion.

The total cost of this year's upgrades is nearly $20,000, Kress says for next year's additions, the cost will be around $100,000. All upgrades to the park are funded by tax dollars specifically from the city's 1/2 cent sales tax.

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