"I was trippin' on how cold it was and how much water was moving."

A hilarious, new docu-series by clothing brand and extreme sports sponsor VANS follows a group of lake surfers as they attempt to surf waves of the Great Lakes.

In the first episode titled "Weird Waves Season 1: Great Lakes | Surf | VANS," host Dylan Graves joins "lake surfing specialist" Burton Hathaway and the Great Lakes surfing community in Duluth as they attempt to take on the frigid winter waters of Lake Superior. As if the pure ridiculousness of what they were attempting wasn't enough, the 13:36 long video is chock full of bro-quotes that had me laughing every few minutes:

"It was safe to say he psyches harder than anyone I'd ever met."


"I'm so pumped for us, dude!"


"Dude, that was so much gnarlier than I thought it was gonna be."


"Dude, I got worked on...We'll go find somewhere mellower."

The video shows the group of surfers intentionally following winter storms, trespassing (apparently) on private property to get to the lake's shoreline, and ultimately coming away with icicles frozen to faces.

Despite the hilarity and seeming stupidity, you almost have to respect the passion and skill involved.

Whether you're into lake surfing or just appreciate a good laugh, give the video below a watch.

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