Although my bachelor party is a ways out, the planning process has already started.

I know some brides-to-be FORBID their future husband from going to a strip club during their bachelor party. I'm not here to judge, but I am here to find out why.

When I, jokingly, brought up going to a strip club during my bachelor party, Brittany didn't even blink an eye before she said, "fine, but they better not touch you"... so, that had me thinking, "was she serious or am I being set up for her to drop an A-BOMB on me?"

Turns out, she really doesn't care. Strip clubs are not the most exciting place to be anyway. You cough up a bunch of money for drinks and what looks like a female human having a seizure on a pole. We're not going to a strip club for my party... that I know of, I will be with a bunch of dudes, so I guess anything could happen.

Anyway, for the ladies who said "ABSOLUTELY NOT" when their future husband mentioned they might stop by the "boom boom room" during the party, what made you say, "NO, that's not going to happen"!

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