When you have a bunch of friends who enjoy seeing their other friends in pain, you should see the ambush coming, but I didn't.


Before the rest of my life, basically, comes to end this October, I had one more weekend to act like an immature kid. Mission accomplished.

Annandale Paintball hooked us up for my bachelor party on Saturday. We spent three hours or better blasting each other. I was peppered with paint again and again and again. Terrible friends, they were on my team!

These guys, who are in my wedding, absolutely sprayed me from about 20-feet away in THE BACK! See my homemade bulls-eye shirt below, yeah that stung.  But it was worth every welt and bruise. Annandale Paintball rocks!

We ran around all three courses JT and his crew has out at Annandale Paintball and there is no doubt we'll be back there again... with a little more protection this time. Shorts, t-shirt and no gloves means lots of bruises and a little bit of pain. But worth every second!


Matt Fallon/TSM


Matt Fallon/TSM


Matt Fallon/TSM


Annandale Paintball