I get daily updates on Fifty Shades of Grey on Facebook, it seems like every day a new celebrity is tapped to play a certain character. Kim Cattrall though seems to take the lead on playing Mrs. Robinson; the woman who taught Christan everything he knows.

During a recent interview in Australia, Kim said,

"As far as I've heard, it's between me... I'm duking it out, unintentionally, in people's minds with Uma Thurman at the moment! That's based on a lot of people's blogs and desires. As far as I know they are just writing the script so I think the casting process is a little bit further down the pipe than it is now."

That is true, it's all in our heads. No official statements have been made on who will play who in a movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. I think Kim would be perfect to play Elena Lincoln. Look at her character on "Sex and the City." Samantha Jones is the Mrs. Robinson of SATC.

The news I'm really waiting to hear is who will play Christian Grey!!!!! Please hurry with that news.

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