If you look online, there are lists and lists of supposedly "real" haunted houses in Minnesota.  Over the next week or so, I'll be featuring many of these locations on Kelly's Korner.  Today we're headed to the Mounds Theatre.


If you want the REAL experience this haunted season, The Mounds Theatre has been featured on Paranormal TV Shows.  If you want to be grabbed by a ghost, or have things thrown at you, then this might be the place to be.  There are three specific ghosts that haunt the theatre, plus orbs, shouting, and lots of action.


The Mounds Theatre is a 1922 Playhouse building, where night workers have reported being physically grabbed by a ghost while working late in the evening. A ghost they've named "Red" shouts obscenities and sometimes is reportedly throwing objects at women guests. There's a little girl that appears and bounces a pink ball on the stage. Other stories are reported from Investigators who didn't make it out soon enough, and ended up with claw marks on their backs! Ginkies!

There are ghosts that shout from within the walls and numerous ghosts that sit in the auditorium seats. Shadows roam up and down the isles.


For you ghost hunters, you can take a 1 hour tour in near darkness as a paranormal Investigator walks you through the theatre, where you'll learn more about the history of the building, and hear the stories about resident ghosts.  They will answer your questions, and even let you pause for evidence gathering, and invitations for ghost activity.  The staff encourages you to bring your cameras, audio records, video recorders, and participate. Now they are having a special event during the tour, where IF YOU CHOOSE, you can actually try to speak to the ghosts and hear their responses...The warning is:  That RED, one of the ghosts, sometimes shouts obscenities at women, so if you are easily offended, they offer other activities for those people who don't want to hear him.

You can visit the Mounds Theatre on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Or visit their website by clicking HERE.

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