While most haunted places accept their ghosts with open arms, The Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul is one place where the staff would actually like to see their ghost find a new home.


The haunting of this theater didn't begin until 1985, when renovations of the theater uncovered an old balcony that no one knew was there. They also discovered a note that had been written to a stagehand from long ago, named Ben. They don't know if Ben is the one haunting the theater, but that's their best guess.


Once the renovations had been made, people started seeing glimpses of dark spots, and experiencing cold  and hot spots in the building that they hadn't previously experienced. Usually, Ben is not dangerous, but one incident could have proven to be fatal. Two theater workers were walking in a backstage area one night. There were no lights, so they were using flashlights to light their way. Suddenly, a large piece of ceiling plaster fell, landing between them, and narrowly missing their heads. As they turned their flashlights above, they saw a dark figure suddenly vanish. What makes this such a mystery? The ceiling isn't made of plaster! So...where did the plaster come from?


Theater workers say that Ben isn't alone in the theater any longer. While no one has ever seen her, there is a ghost they've named "Veronica". Veronica has been heard singing, which staff members have heard echoing through the auditorium. They believe she is an actress that performed at the theater and died many years ago. There's no story on why she would be haunting the theater.

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