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Yesterday, we talked about Cereals, milk, and baking products when thinking about going generic.  The reason?  Because those things are typically equal in nutritional value, but have drastic costs differences from national brands.  Today, we focus on other products that can save you a ton at the grocery store...especially for those of you who only have ONE income to feed and take care of your family.   Lets look at  these items.  What do you think?


50 to 60%?!  Yes...I'm serious. Now there are those of us who refuse to buy 4 cases of pop anymore. I used to make sure we had a variety of national brands, probably 3 to 4  twevle packs every time I went to the grocery store.  Well since that time, a lot of things have changed.  I'm focusing on the health and well being of myself and my family more these days, and when we do get soda, it's limited. I've realized that there are many generic brands that don't taste exactly the same as the cola's we've grown to love, but there are lime flavored sodas and rootbeers, orange and grape sodas that my whole family agrees on.  If I'm going to spend money on these items, I'm going to save the 60%!  Try it out.  If you purchase pop on a regular basis, you'd could save a lot of money by the end of the year. If you're saving $7 a week, that's$28 a month or about $336 a year.


Anyone who suffers from headaches or allergies has certainly seen the huge difference in pricing when looking at national brands versus generic.  Oddly enough, I rarely see any difference in the ingredients.  You can sometimes get three times as many pills with a generic product than with a national brand for the same price.  If you spend $31 on 45 tablets of a national brand allergy medicine, you can get 120 tablets of a generic brand. This could be $100 savings or more a year!


Yesterday, I shared with you that by changing my habits for one year, I've saved on average about $436 just on my grocery bill without the above mentioned items. Adding this savings to yesterdays savings, gets me close to $900 a year in savings.  I'm reaching for $1,000 in savings.   Add in the savings on buying generic shampoos and conditioners, laundry detergents?  I think I can get there.  What savings can you find? If you're wanting to save up for a mini trip, or a trip to Disney World, you have to admit, this is a great way to start saving!