So how do the Royal Newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middelton plan on ringing in the New Year? With their In-Laws of course!

You might think after having the biggest wedding of the year you may want to have some alone time for your first New Years as a married couple. Will and Kate plan to spend the Holiday in Scotland at Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles 53,000 acre estate, Birkhall.

"They will stay for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Charles and Camilla will be flying there, too."

There will be some privacy for the couple, as they will be staying in a separate area of the estate. It is 53,000 acres, pretty easy to ditch the in-laws if they wanted. Kate's family is rumored to be at the estate as well but also in a separate cottage.

"They are staying at Teapot Cottage or another cottage on the estate, not Birkhall itself."

How do you plan on ringing in the New Year?

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