Start getting use to calling him Justin McGuinn! I know its a change, and Minnesotans don't do very well with change, but you have to try! Justin Ploof aka Justin McGuinn will play a FREE acoustic (unplugged) concert this Saturday night at the Veranda Lounge in downtown St. Cloud. He'll also have copies of his new E.P. available for purchase before it hits stores nationwide June 9th. Lots of exciting things coming up for Mr. Ploof (I mean Mr. McGuinn) this summer, including shooting his first music video, and going out on a nationwide promo tour.

Justin McGuinn
Justin McGuinn

For those that can't make the performance this weekend, you can download his new radio hit "My Heart is Where You Are" on iTunes, and pre-order his E.P. for $3.99 here.

***Veranda Lounge, downtown St. Cloud, 9:00 p.m. Saturday, May 27th 2017.

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