Justin Bieber's perfume "Someday" is causing some to question Bieber's decision. Why would a young man make a perfume versus cologne.

Simple. He told MTV, He's "more concerned about how the ladies smell." No, he's not saying ladies have issues with body odor. He's a male, and he knows what scents he likes to smell on a woman, possibly his girlfriend Selena Gomez. And if the Biebs likes the smell, so will other dudes. Plus, look at his fan base. Mostly teenage girls who will buy anything Bieber puts his name on.

Whoever Bieber hired as his people, they did a good job directing him to come out with a perfume. Are dudes admitting they love the Biebs? I'm sure there are closet male Bieber fans, but not as many as the girls.

The Bieber explains why he chose to come out with a scent for the ladies.

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