After experiencing all the fun and wackiness involved in driving around central Minnesota for a couple of years, I finally decided to get a dash cam. The results have been mostly boring to be honest, but every once in a while I run into a real head-scratcher.

Last week I was on Lincoln Avenue heading north and got a red light at Highway 23. No big deal, I waited for a bit while cars turned to get onto 23. Then, my big moment! I got a green light. After counting to three to make sure no one was going to barrel through the light after their turn, I began to cross Highway 23.

Then, this happened:

I don't understand how this one happens? In most cases the car running the red light is just some impatient person who speeds through a light that has just freshly turned red. In this case, the semi sat AT THE RED LIGHT and watched the cars turning before just, I don't know, throwing up his hands and deciding it was his turn? Make it make sense!

I sent the video to my brother, who responded 'yeah, crazy, but why were you driving like you EXPECTED that to happen?'

Well, my friend, that comes with the territory when you drive in St. Cloud every day. Red lights are optional for many folks here and you just kind of get used to having your head on a swivel I guess.


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