Quick! Name your favorite Mike Myers movie! Did you say 'Wayne's World' (one or two or the whole series)? Or even 'Austin Powers' (one or two or three or the whole series)? Then you've been missing out big time, because it turns out that Myers has a whole slew of films you might not have heard of -- all co-starring 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon.

The comedic duo apparently had quite the run of made-for-TV movies back in the day, and while you might not be able to ever find them to actually watch, at least Fallon has dug up the posters, so that we might remember what was (and what we missed).

And, no, we can't be the only ones who would pay good money to see Myers and Fallon star in 'Gerbil-Cano.' There are gerbils! Raining from the sky! It's terrifyingly adorable!