It's the gift that keeps on giving...whether we want it to or not.

Back in October a newscast from the Fox 9 team in Duluth went viral for all the wrong reasons when it was featured on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In the clip, sports anchor Sam Ali wraps up a segment about a soccer game that ended in a tie when he and veteran Dan Hanger attempt some...uncomfortable...banter:

Ali: "So hopefully they don't tie again, because no one likes ties...I mean, I like bow ties."

Hanger: "Looks like you got a new look like a birthday present and all that."

Ali: "Thank you so -- you wanna open me? Find out what's in?"

Hanger: "It's cold, and I don't know," Hanger fumbles, "I guess no comment."

Now the awkward interaction has earned a spot in a compilation video by News Be Funny of "Best News Bloopers of 2018."

The newscast begins at 5:19 in the 15-minute long video.

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